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Smart, Automated Orchestration

rukmani automates the integration & orchestration of your services on-the-fly, ensuring you can always get stuff done, regardless of how your services evolve.By replacing brittle hand-written integration code with a simple declarative API, rukmani knows how to make your services work for you.rukmani can fetch, convert and transform data. It knows what data services need, and how to find data to fill any gaps.

Capability Discovery

Move beyond service discovery - rukmani lets you look up services based on what they do, and then can invoke them for you.Using it's powerful type system, rukmani can invoke services that return a specific type, or return types with specific traits.Starting build platforms that evolve by simply publishing new services - no plumbing required.

Resilient to change

Stay protected from changes to API's by letting rukmani handle the plumbing. As services release new versions, rukmani automatically adapts it's integrations, so you're always up to date.Breaking API changes aren't a problem - rukmani populates parameters based on the information provided. If there are gaps, or incorrect formats, rukmani can dis.