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Digital Accounting

Rukmani Software Solution was established in 2020 and is one of the leading and the best Software's & best Web Development, Web Designing, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing and Branding Company in Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Accounting Software Key Features

    Party Add

    Customer Billing

    Auto Reminder Message

    EMI Payment with Reminder

    GST Statement

    Collection Reporting

    Digital Dashboard

    Financial Statements

    Data for GST

    Cash Flow

    Unique Dual Ledger

    Drill Down Navigations

    Data Import and Export

    Auto Email-Function for DSR Report Admin & A/c Dept.

    Auto Upload PDF Billing

    Auto Backup with Google Drive


    Inventory Management

    Offline-Online Version

    Reports in Spreadsheet

    Product and Service Catalogue

    Godown Management

    Customers & Suppliers List

    User Hierarchy Management

    Closing of Books and Rollover

    User-wise,Multi-User,Multi-System support with easy Sharing Options

    SMS-API Systems Etc.

    GST Return File

    Mobile Application

    Connectivity:-LAN,Wi-Fi,Internet,Static IP

    Accounting Reports

    Invoicing with Automated Accounting

    Account Heads and Vouchers


    Easy Dashboard

    Receipts and Payments

    Bill Tracking

Inventory with bill tracking and accounting
Period For A Company For Every Additional Company
30 Days 2000 5000
365 Days (1 year) 1 month waiver 15000 20000
730 Days(2 year) 2 month waiver 25000 30000
Price/Quotation:- 15,000.00+18% GST
AMC:- 25% of Software Cost

password:- 123456

For call: +91-917851083755


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