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Api interface

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Our API solutions enable companies to establish a secure, real-time connection between their apps and the bank.
Our API solutions transfer your company’s data between various systems in a predefined format. The advantage of an API is that it enables various tools and apps developed at different times to exchange data.
For example, your company could use our corporate banking APIs to make machine-coded payments and transaction queries on any system.

  Genuinely real-time data

Data is transferred with APIs between your company and the bank in real time. Payment processing and lists of account transactions are no longer based on batch runs. Instead, each API call is processed immediately. In addition, SEPA Instant Credit Transfer can be used to transfer funds to the recipient’s account in seconds, and your company immediately receives confirmation of a successful payment. 

  Accelerate your company’s processes – automate payment transfers

APIs can be used to fully automate payment transfers and transaction queries, thereby speeding up your company’s processes involving payment settlements and monitoring of receivables. When your company uses our Corporate Banking API solutions, we identify your company by machine.

  A flexible and modern way of integrating with a bank – tailor-made for your needs

Corporate Banking API solutions can be integrated wherever your company needs a bank connection. This also makes it easier to export data from the bank for purposes beyond financial administration.

API solutions for corporate banking form a growing product family

OP Corporate Account Data API enables you to view an up-to-date account balance in your company’s software and retrieve account transactions whenever you need them.
OP Corporate Payment API enables your company’s software to initiate immediate SEPA Credit Transfers or SEPA Instant Credit Transfers from the company’s account without the need to wait until the next batch run. 
OP Corporate Transaction Filter API allows you to use filters, such as the reference number, amount or payer’s name, to search for account transactions. This is useful in a number of situations, such as for customer service applications.
OP Corporate Refund API lets your company’s software refund payments based on the details of the original received payment. To perform the refund, you do not need to find out the original payer’s account number, as OP will forward the payment to the correct recipient.