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Library Management System (LMS)

Each of our clients have their unique library management system (LMS) needs. We make sure our library software features cater to your needs and helps you manage your library smoothly. Note that the actual implementation may vary based on specific requirements, technologies, and the scale of the library. This template assumes a web-based application using common technologies. rukmani is a cloud based software with user friendly dashboards, easy navigation and well structured reports.Some of our modules are:

The dashboard will show how many people are using the library's services, what types of services they are using, and how satisfied they are with the services. This information will help the library to identify areas where it can improve its services and meet the needs of its community.

Library permissions provide the different levels of library access that are required for most organizations. A library user is a limited permissions license that allows users to read-only access to a library. A library user's view is designed to help them quickly search, view, and copy library entries.

A Library management system (LMS) offers access to and deals with the assets in your library. A well-picked framework will expand your library's proficiency, spare significant organization time, lead to a superior instructive encounter for understudies and help create autonomous learning.

Library management system (LMS) new students, a college with a library that it's proud of ought to make better use of it in its recruiting efforts. This piece shows how, the tour stop in the library can make a contribution to the institution's appeal for prospective students and their parents.

This module enables the Library management system (LMS) to manage the Student’s details including admission management and old data migration.

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Library Software Key Features

    Student Registration

    Student Attendance

    Auto Email for Collection ,attendance ,homework

    Auto Backup system provide

    Student register and export /import sheet option

    Auto Reminder facility like (Birth day wish, fess pending etc… )

    Whatsapp Api for whatsapp msg use

    Unlimited User Create according to your need

    Reception /accountant login panel

    Fess management system

    Sms api for all event are working

    Online payment getway option

    Auto email reminder

    Multiple Login Role System Admin Login ,Teacher Login ,Student /Parent Login

    Online payment option available now only (razor-pay payment option )

    Free dynamic website will create for 5 page only if any other update it may be chargeable

    Offline /Online both are available as par client need

Price/Quotation:- 15,000.00+18% GST
AMC:- 25% of Software Cost

password:- library

Price/Quotation:- 15,000.00+18% GST
AMC:- 25% of Software Cost

password:- student

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